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So my Mum came to visit last weekend which was lovely, although not so much a gastronomic feast as I had been hoping for as she refused to take me to any of the three michelin starred restaurants within spitting distance of our flat! I feel that as an only child I should be spoilt significantly more than this- I mean I didn’t even get a pony as a child!

However some non Michelin level but still damn good meals were enjoyed and we also went to go and see Julie & Julia which has me thinking of trying a similar project with the works of Elizabeth David – although maybe not as intense. If you do’t know Julia Child is sort of the American Delia/Elizabeth David, the icon of cookery for a country and Julie is a blogger who made it her mission to cook every meal in her ‘mastering the art of french cooking’ book in a year and write about it – more details here and her current blog here

I started at Profile Plus this week. So far pretty good – mostly PR admin stuff but it’s really good to be doing something again, hoping i’ll get to do some slightly more exciting stuff to do soon. Good to start getting to know a different set of clients and see how a different office works also I can see my flat from work, which is useful if I want to spot burglars!

Twitter has been in major crusading mode this week – and seems to be acting as a branch of the Guardian- I really fail to see why my lefty flatmates don’t like it- it’s like a socialist utopia. Anyway there was the Trafigura Carter-Ruck debacle of early in the week- which has just been brought to the wider public by a lovely Ian Hislop rant on HIGNFY . Biggest backfire of the week. Then today we have the Jan Moir article- which i’m not going to link to as I don’t want to give the Mail any-more hits- but which I have read Mr Dacre. Instead here is Charlie Brooker’s excellent riposte- which is far better than anything I could write

Anyway, I bid you adieu right now as I  have run out of coherent thoughts


Thought i’d forgotten all about you, didn’t you? Well you’d have been right! I would use the excuse of busy-ness but that would be patently untrue.

So update on my world – We’ve had Sam’s birthday, good birthday meal at the Raj and then went to Sofi’s which is lovely- the barmaid gave Sam jazzies – those chocolate drops with hundreds and thousands on- with a candle on them.

On the Saturday night Sam, Scott, Suzi and I went out to Vegas, and I danced the night away – largely manically and by myself as the others laughed at me and rested their tired little feet. I think I’d quite happily go there every night.

And of course I went to the Isle of Man for Graham’s confirmation and mini Gray family reunion. Largely went well, although the Bishop of Liverpool seems to be an idiot. He really didn’t know how to speak to his audience, kept going on about the relics of St Therese of Lisaux, which I very much doubt will ever make it to the Island and far too many tales about how wonderful Scousers are. Then of course there was the usual Gray family sniping at each other, which I largely find funny, I find a sense of perspective and a wry look at what on earth everyone is arguing about makes it almost entertaining!

We also had the honour of not only seeing but eating in the best kitchen in the world… i’m serious, it was like a work of art, well actually the entire house was, but even amongst that splendour it stood out. Explored some bits of the Island that I don’t think i’d been to before, well my parents definately hadn’t but considering the two weeks I spent there aged 11 and 12 I may have been and forgotten- after all I am a Gray, we cannot be relied upon regarding memory.

I also managed to get far too drunk, note to self- don’t try to keep pace with Katie, it’s bad for your liver. Nasty hangover the next day- think I may have managed to be the laughing stock of the Island- and I managed to get very slightly sunburnt whilst lying on a bemch in Rosemarie’s garden.

I’ve got a job interview/ informal chat in the morning so I’d better get to beddy byes.

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