As promised in my last post I have returned to blogging in the calm that has followed the end of EdTwestival.

Twestival itself went really well. We raised over £3,600.00 and apparently sold out! I spent a long time tending to the duck pond and now have about 25 rubber ducks that I don’t know what to do with…we’re considering letting them free in the water of leith!

I made the snap decision to come home for Easter on Wednesday night and got the train down on the Thursday.

Cat and I then realised that the boat race was on and we took a fancy to go and watch. Which of course entailed a long journey from east to west London some of it by foot and some in the wrong direction – we’re a bit lame at the whole directions thing!

We finally made it to Putney, which was lovely, busy and yah-rific! We got candy floss and beer and then wandered along the Thames until the race started. The actual part of the race we saw went past pretty quick. Oxford were winning at that point but cambridge bested them in the end.

After the race we headed to the hummingbird bakery in south ken for tea and cakes, then made our way to Chelsea, where we pottered about for a while before heading to Belgo in coventry garden/ 7 dials for dinner (where incidentally the waiters dress like monks)

Easter Sunday saw the resumption of my chocolate eating, but my efforts over lent seem to have weened me off a bit.

We went to the chilterns food festival in great missenden, where I once again dined on free samples!

Then in the evening there was a fun night of reminiscing and mojitos with anna and Lizzy.

That’s all for now. I’ll update on the rest of the week in a more efficient method than via iPhone.