hello all,

I’m Hilary, which you probably knew, or figured out by the crushingly obvious title to this blog. I live in Leith, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK, Europe… i’m gonna stop now i’m turning into the 8 year old me. This blog will largely be about my life and interests, so there may be far more information about Tennis than a normal human can process and stories about my flatmates.

I’ve started this blog to polish up my writing skills and of course so that in years to come I can look back and laugh at the exploits of Hilary Gray aged 22 and 5/6ths!

I’m a very recent graduate of Edinburgh University, where I spent 4 wonderful years learning about fairly obscure bits of history, but never quite remembering things like the date of the Battle of Trafalgar… history rounds in pub quizzes fill me with fear.

I’m trying to break into the very glamorous word of PR, where I get to read several papers in a day (I’m a geek and proud) and phone up people to ask if they want to come to a fashion show.