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Is Election 2010 (part 1?) finally coming to an end? It’s beginning to look that way, however to be fair it was beginning to look that way at this time yesterday (16.58) and look what happened then?

I have returned to my position of the 6th that this election is a poisoned chalice, but one mixed with a bit of hope that the Lib Dems will curb the worst of the Conservatives cut mania, as suggested by the wonderful @DrEvanHarris earlier today. And hopefully the AV referendum.

My very exciting day today has consisted on News 24-ing, whilst reading the Highway Code, I feel sure that this will lead to a very amusing failure of my theory test, where I argue that AV+ is a form of road marking.

I had a brief telephone interview with a rather nice chap … not going to give any details here for fear of jinxing it, but I have been given a task to complete by Friday.

Today also my Mothers Birthday, however she seems to be avoiding me. We talked for about 10 minutes this morning before she scuttled off and now she is only communicating via text. Maybe she doesn’t like my present?!

I thought it was very tasteful…


Well it’s the election tomorrow. I’m gunning for a lib-lab coalition that will bring about electoral reform and mean the Tories will never be in power again, but sadly neither Labour or the Lib Dems seem all that keen on power-sharing and I’ve a feeling in my waters that it’ll be a minority or even, heaven forbid, a small majority Tory Government.

My only consolation in this is the words of Mervyn King saying that whoever wins this election won’t hold power for a generation due to the cuts they will have to make. So I suppose I have to weigh up the ‘short term pain for long term gain’ and also of course live through the cuts.

I live in a Lab/Lib marginal, I am still slightly conflicted. I most likely going to vote Lib Dem, as I agree with more of their policies, however our local Labour MP is a lovely, slightly old school Labour and he’s voted against most of the Labour bills I object to.

Away from election news, although really, reading election news that is all that I have been doing for the past month, apart from the wonderful week of ash! (which has crept back in the last few days)

I’ve sent off more job applications than I can count, both London, Edinburgh and if I see anything good,  I’ll even go for the places in between! This of course means I have absolutely no idea where I’ll be living in the next couple of months. I’m not particularly liking this state of flux, I just want some stability, damn you!

I’ve started yet another fitness kick… how mundane is my life?! I may have already given up in fact. (on the health kick, not my life)

I’ve left posting for a couple of days, partly due to laziness, but also due to a lack of things to write. Hopefully I have now garnered enough info from my life and the world around me to write.

Regarding myself, I haven’t been up to anything majorly exciting. We had a Flat meal on Saturday and drank an awful lot of beer, lidl is a bad, bad place. But a good time was had by all, and we watched the final episodes of the housewives of NJ, which included the memorable quote, ‘he’s so ugly he’s cute, like Yoda!’.

Sunday witnessed the inevitable capitulation of Great Britain in the Davis Cup. Andy Murray is taking the opportunity to get out and I can’t say I blame him.

I’ve been working yesterday and Monday. I was hoping to get to write a press release but it wasn’t to be, however there are positive sounds about getting to write one tomorrow, fingers crossed. Spent most of yesterday sorting out coverage and today filing the last 3 months worth of newspapers- did also manage to find some from 2006.

I regard to the world around me I can’t say i’m particularly chuffed at the Lib Dems for backing down on tuition fees and becoming the Tories lite- I agree with Polly that this was there chance to claim the left of centre. grr.

Hopeful about the Chinese emissions promises, unsure if they’re trying to bite the bullet and promise something before they are forced into something stronger at Copenhagen, but then again, who would really be forcing them? However one thing’s for sure, they’ve stolen Obama’ s thunder.

The Belgians are coming… sadly not an invasion, although I’d quite like to see that, they’ve been invaded enough and you never know it may give them some unity. What I’m really talking about of course is the all conquering return of Kim Clijsters and now the promised return of Justine Henin, womens tennis is back!

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