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I’m still incensed about the strategy review. I keep being drawn into the debate as more and more people speak out against it. Also I don’t think I have ever agreed so many people on the online comments pages of newspapers.

However one thing has been upsetting me a bit and that is the constant suggestions that other parts of the BBC should be cut, from James Purnells suggestion that the daytime BBC Two schedule should be cut, which was at least original.

Although unnecessarily cruel to what is quite possibly my favourite TV show “Pointless”, it’s like family fortunes in reserve in that you have to find the most obscure answers rather than the most popular. My flat’s love for it runs deep- we make a point of watching on iPlayer

Hmm back to the point – To the almost constant suggestions that BBC Three should be cut, destroyed, merged with four. Or that Radio One and Two should be scrapped as they compete with commercial stations. Or what if find really quite unacceptable from 6 music listeners, the suggestion that radio 3 be scrapped, more than any other station they are our stable mates, home of eclectic music that has no real commercial competitor for the majority of its output.

I propose that instead of suggesting areas to cut, we refute the fallacy that cuts are necessary. The strategy review isn’t intending to make savings.

It is clear to everyone that this is pandering in advance, to the Tories and the commercial rivals, leading the charge of both of these, as he has effectively written the Tories media policy, is Rupert Murdoch. If the BBC feels the need to pander to anyone it should be to the license fee payer, not their rivals. In the good times did the commercial rivals have pity on the Beeb and throw it their breadcrumbs, did they heck?!

I’m glad to see that there is an Early Day Motion in the commons to save 6 Music and the Asian Network, I’m glad to see that my MP has signed it, that could be the deciding factor in my vote!

I also enjoyed this article by Libby Purves, effectively telling the BBC to grow some balls!


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