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Yes, I have found it. I will no longer be a girl about town in Edinburgh, not that I ever really was, but instead a girl about Berkhamsted and or London. This of course means I’m moving back home, which will be interesting to say the least.

My wonder job, is Account Executive (Social Media) at Propeller Group, which probably means nothing to most of you, but rest assured is exactly what I want to be doing. I went in for a trial day and can confirm that everyone is lovely and I’m not just saying that because they may be reading this.

I start on Monday 14th June and before that I have a hectic week of traveling all over the place. Tomorrow, Saturday 5th I’m off to Istanbul for several days with my parents. Then on Thursday, I leave Istanbul and fly to Edinburgh, changing in Luton for a couple of fun filled hours.

Once I arrive in Edinburgh at about 9.30 have to meet up with Annie, who will be somewhere in the city…. and who incidentally will have had a similarly complex journey.

Then I have  a fun weekend of fun, frolics and manic packing with Annie, before getting a train at 2pm on Sunday… and abandoning Annie in the city until her flight in the evening, I’m sure she’ll cope, she’s tough.

This should all result in me getting back to Berko station at around 7.30. Probably very tired and grumpy.

Then it’ll be up bright and early to catch the 7.59 train from Berko… I am now the owner of a season ticket. My Name Is Hilary Gray and I am a Commuter.

So unless fate or ash-cloud intervenes there are my plans for the forseeable future.

I must go now… packing calls.


Yes that’s right, I’m on a mission albeit a fairly tame one, to try and get all of youse to join my facebook group of joy. I started doing this for an interview task but it’s a nicely relevant fb group for most of my friends. Namely Career Advice,  most of us are at that stage where we’d accept any advice going.

If you don’t want to join or indeed even if you do, it would be lovely if you could recommend it to those who may find it of use. It could be a really useful tool if it gets out to the right people and you my darling friends are providing a public service my helping it on its way!

…. there is no such thing as hyperbole!

Anyway here is the link, please join and pass it on:

Sorry I’ve been neglectful of late. I’m sorry to have to say this but I’ve been cheating…….

……with the EdTwestival blog. Penning odes to rubber ducks and telling tales of bands on journeys of discovery. Don’t know what I’m on about? get over here and get a ticket to EdTwestival while you’re at it!

Since I last checked in I have become a radio star, well that’s probably an exaggeration, today I was on Radio Scotland’s Radio Cafe. Which was one of the most surreal experiences of my life, especially as the people I was talking to were all over the place, I was in Edinburgh, the host was in Glasgow, Abi who was being interviewed with me, was in Ipswich and Krystal who was on the phone from San Francisco. You can listen again here.

We’ve had some good coverage for Twestival in the Skinny, the Scotsman and a competition for tickets in the List.

Donations of time, effort, money, prizes and booze have been flooding in. Thank you Edinburgh for your generosity.

When I next check in Twestival should be over and we’ll get back to my life as a topic of interest.

On Thursday I had a sip of the worlds oldest Whisky. That sip alone was probably worth £100! I was helping launch the Morlach 70 years old on behalf of Gordon and MacPhail for Platform PR who I worked for in the summer. It was a great event, held at Edinburgh Castle, on what was thankfully a sunny day. Everything ran really smoothly and we got some really good press coverage.

I spent a long time with the photographers who got some really good shots, like these-

Jeff J Mitchell, Getty Images

Jeff J Mitchell, Getty Images

As well as working for Platform with the Whisky launch I’ve worked two days at Crimson Edge this week. I know I’m a PR slut! It’s been really good so far. I’ve got to do a lot of writing which is great, just what I wanted to be doing. All different sorts of styles as well, a press release, some profiles and converting a list of ingredients and vague instructions into recipes.

I’ve also made a great friend there, she’s called Twiggy, about 4ft tall, likes to lick my legs, nudge me whilst working and attempt to eat my tissues!

The wonders of social media allowed me to pose a question to  Joe Rospars from Blue State Digital the guys behind Barack Obama’s online campaign and now representing MUST, the Man United Supporters Trust, the men with the green and yellow scarfs.

Twestival news-

It’s all going very well, we’ve sold 108 tickets, which is the second most of all of the Twestivals, damn you London, running miles ahead! Worryingly San Francisco are lurking a couple of ticket sales behind us. This Twestivalling is bringing out my competitive side. Click to get a-hold of tickets and find out more.

It is now Thursday 4th March and  since last Thursday I have been back and  forth from Edinburgh to London more than is strictly necessary. I had to be in London at 10.00 on Saturday for an interview, but I had the wonderful Twitchicks networking event on Friday night. So it was  a good excuse to take the sleeper down to London, half practicality and half romanticism. More on that later.

Twitchicks was a great event, meet some new people, got some advice for this blog and fun was had by all. Some more than others I think from the reports on Twitter the next day. Sadly I had to leave earlier-ish to get the aforementioned sleeper.

Twitchicks number 3 on TwitpicTwitchicks number 1 on TwitpicTwitchicks number 2 on Twitpic

Thanks to @keelingoverkaz for the photos. She’s the one who isn’t in any pictures!

Now onto London. The sleeper gave me a fairly good nights sleep, albeit with some very dull dreams which took place in my carriage. Such as the epic dream where Sam asked me for hand cream and the always exciting dream where my dad phones me and I shout at him.

Arrived without any incident and was woken with a cup of tea, I know how to travel in style. Spent a good amount of time in the toilets at Euston, making myself look pretty. The interview/Assessment day was great fun, we had to prepare a pitch for national non-smoking day and tweak our message to deal with constant emergencies, such as the election being called the next day, and both parties wanting to repeal the smoking ban!

All in all a good day! Of course it is at this point that my carefully constructed timetable blew up in my face. It was 5.00pm, my train was at 6.00pm, but there were drinks after and I wanted to get some quick networking in and talk to @tommalcolm one of the founders of Twestival to see if I could pick his brains about EdTwestival. Well you can all see where this is going, through a mix of my own stupidity, works on the tube and an unprecedented amount of tourists at Piccadilly Circus, I missed the train, the LAST train.

Not only did I miss the train, I missed it by seconds, I was on the platform and they wouldn’t let me on. And as it pulled away I slid down a pillar in Kings Cross and looked much like this woman! (I had shoes on though)

So after much running around, seeing if I could get a train to Glasgow- no, checking if there was a sleeper- no. I ended up spending the night in Berkhamsted, sadly not in the bosom of my parents, as they had left that very morning to visit me in Edinburgh, making my need to get up there all the more urgent.

Finally made it out of town on what was seemingly the only train going north out of London that day. Made it to Edinburgh only to head  straight to Glasgow for dinner. I had an interview in Edinburgh on Monday and I have some paid work experience lined up for March, which may hopefully lead to something more.

Monday also saw a venue confirmed  for EdTwestival, we will be at the brand new venue Ghillie Dhu. It’s a gothic masterpiece, a former church (what else) in the west end.

Tuesday of course saw me heading down south again. But not before an early morning Twestival meeting at Lewis Communications, located handily right behind my flat. I got a lift down south with my parents and I’d forgotten quite how far it was was, or how long it took.

Wednesday I got a chance to breathe, a surprise visit from my Uncle Bernard passing through en-route from Copenhagen to Sydney, life’s nice in the jetset!

Today I was largely concerned with EdTwestival, writing a draft press release and looking at our lovely new Avatar.

Yesterday was my fourth day at Hot Tin Roof and I got myself some bona fide results. I phoned in a story to PR Week and The Drum and look where I got coverage!

Look at the Lovely PR Week Coverage!

And of course the lovely folks at The Drum;

I think the moral of this story is that the media really like seafood!

Apart from this success, what else have I been up to, I hear you ask?!

Well I and the rest of my flat have embraced the Winter Olympics in all of its weirdness. Personal favourites are the Curling (preferably womens, did you know they have a naked curlers calender?!) and the chaos masquerading as a sport that is the Ski Cross. As Britain don’t exactly flourish at the ski-ing events we used a system of picking colours, randomly generated for each turn by the very scientific method of pulling out different coloured trivial pursuit pieces from a cup. I won due to a lucky streak of picking 4 reds in a row and most of Sam’s picks crashing out spectacularly!

Twestival plans are… well a bit stuck at the moment, but bits and pieces are coming together… and we’re meeting up again on Sunday to hold a state of the union!

Or as my friend Matt tweeted, actually a sign that the devil’s 1000 reign is ending?

We may mock, but I think I may actually miss them, they were an excellent recourse when there was nothing on, now we only have repeats of QI on dave to keep us going as we flick in desperation, who on earth has comedy central? Well quite possibly lots of people, but it isn’t on freeview and I’m far too poor to be splashing out on Sky. I’m also dubious about what they’re going to replace it with, according to Channel 4’s spokesman the slots will be filled with new UK shows and US imports but will they be able to afford them. They’re saving money by not renewing the Friends contract but will that cover the cost of several new US imports?

In other  news, I have a job, sort of….well I get to wear office clothes and go to an office. It’s some work experience/internship with hottinroof who are a small PR firm in Edinburgh, I’m really looking forward to getting back on the horse and sharpening up my red hot PR skillz!

I had another opportunity to show of those ‘wicked rad skillz’ at my interview for DADA today, which was the most fun I’ve ever had in an interview. Highlights include flying frisbees, a bidding war for a ‘hey jimmy’ cap and an excellent suggestion of a wrestlers mask as a way to avoid charity muggers.

I’m going to be helping organise the EdTwestival Gloal this year, anyone wanting to help or donate raffle prizes etc please contact; me, @hilaryjanegray; Victoria Raimes, @vraimes or Kate Trussler, @katetrussler . It’s being held on 25th March and we’ll be raising money for Concern worldwide for more info:

Today I went to an interview where I was asked about this blog so  I thought maybe I should actually update it once in a while!

So what have I been doing since October? I started an internship and consequently finished said internship at Profile Plus in Leith, handily located just across the Shore from me. I learnt a lot about how a leisure and lifestyle PR agency works, phoned up an awful lot of magazines to get free copies, put together reports and fought with the photocopier amongst other things.

Had a wonderful WHITE Christmas (snow that is, rather than BNP sponsored), although it was starting to melt by the actual day. Spent New Years Eve in London Town, hit my head on someones knee whilst being dipped, which made for a good excuse for why I had a headache the next day! I also had the fun experience of waiting in St Pancras for 2 hours waiting for the first train, it was a post apocalyptic scene as people huddled together for warmth and lying on the floor of Costa and Starbucks in a vain attempt to stay out of the wind.

Once back in Edinburgh I got the post Christmas lurgie and spent a week or two moping around and sniffling, which wasn’t all that productive. So I got back on the horse started applying for jobs like a demon and going to the gym to give my day some structure.

I’m going to sign off now and move onto a new post for what’s happened in the last week or so, or I will ramble on for longer than is even slightly excusable.

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